As a happily married mother of two young children who loves Colleyville, I believe the key to effective government is a council working for residents’ interests and needs. I want to preserve Colleyville’s rich history of large lots and mature trees. My goal is to Keep Colleyville the GREAT city it is with all of the love and admiration for its character!


The trees, parks, trails and green spaces are one of things I love in Colleyville. I will work to protect and grow these areas by maintaining low density residential and neighborhood integrity.


There are many roads in Colleyville that need to be improved. This year Colleyville Council has directed the more aggressive road construction than ever before. I will continue to work for effective planning to ensure road needs are addressed on an efficient, ongoing basis.


Colleyville is not only a beautiful place to live, but it is safe and protected by amazing police officers and firefighters. These first responders are a huge part of what makes Colleyville an excellent place to live and own a business. We must continue to prioritize them and ensure they are well equipped and compensated.


The council has a responsibility to the people to run a lean, effective government. I will champion low taxes, zero-based budgeting, and fight against debt financing and runaway spending projects. With strong accountability our finances should be able to fix our aging infrastructure.


A transparent city government invites participation from its citizens, and gives deep vision into decisions with residents working alongside council and city staff. I want to continue this style of governing on Colleyville’s behalf. An open government should always be present for accountability.