Sorry for the blurry selfie (I’m not much of a selfie taker). BUT I am getting ready for Election Day and I am so excited to celebrate with each of you at the polls – I even got my nails in the game!!!

The past months have been intense, exhausting, and exhilarating! Since early voting ended on Wednesday, I have been reflecting a lot about this campaign and how it has affected my life. And honestly, it has allowed me a chance to relish the many amazing positives from this campaign:

– I have formed new, incredible friendships that would most likely not exist were it not for the encounters a campaign brings up.

– My love and affection for what makes Colleyville who and what we are has only deepened as I have learned more about the concerns of folks from all around the city (whether we agree or not!).

– I have built new relationships, based on mutual respect with many on our City Council, including our Mayor who was willing to personally endorse me.

– I have reignited a flame within myself that brings out the best of who I am – and I know it is because of the support of all of you that this flame burns so strong!

– I have gotten better at asking for and accepting help; leaning on my friends.

– I have proven to myself and our community that you can successfully run a positive, ethical, and issues focused campaign and get a huge response.

– And a silly note – I now have some really fun shirts with my name on them that my kids love wearing.

But to end this more seriously, I thank you all for the support, the questions, and the challenges. Your outpouring of personal and financial support continues to blow me away. Colleyville is a special and wonderfully unique place – come vote tomorrow to make sure we keep it that way!!